22 September, 2015

GIS applied to the Control of Mining Properties

What is the main asset of exploration and mining companies? Mining Properties. Information management of mining properties is a complex process that requires keep updating legal […]
21 September, 2015

Mathematical algorithms for Unconventional?

IMPRONTA and the UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires) have developed a mathematical algorithm based on integer linear programming to optimize drainage areas, to reduce costs in […]
11 September, 2015

Geochemical Data Capture (Mobile)

Do you have vast areas to explore and take many samples? Your samples are your future. We have developed a mobile application compatible with laptops, tablets […]
11 September, 2015

Can Drones be used for surveys of Quarries and Biopiles?

We conducted our first Drone aerial survey of a quarry. We obtained a 3 cm Aerial Photography, a Digital Elevation Model of 5 cm of discrimination, […]
4 September, 2015

Mobile Geological Mapping

What benefits do you get by using our Mobile Geological Mapping technology? You will get all the information to work in remote areas without communication. All in […]
2 September, 2015

Mobile GeoSciences

Is it possible to think in an unique mobile application that integrates your GeoScientific information obtained from multiple sources, captured at different times and by different people, […]
18 August, 2015

GIS Solutions for Exploration and Mining

IMPRONTA releases its GIS solutions for exploration, development and mining. Our solutions improve target identification, prospecting and mining project generation. We can help you to reduce your […]
18 August, 2015

DSO/Upstream: Rig Scheduling Optimization

IMPRONTA announces its agreement with ACTENUM to distribute in Argentina their software for optimizing the operations of exploration and production of hydrocarbons. DSO/Upstream Software optimizes rig scheduling […]
9 July, 2015

A 360° photo from a Drone Aerial Survey

Here we share a 360° photo obtained from a Drone aerial survey of the Estación Transformadora “Don Bosco”, Córdoba, Argentina: please click here to navigate the photo. Please […]
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