22 March, 2016

Need Maps in your SAP platform?

Try Business Integration Map for SAP. BIM is a GIS application that enhances the ecosystem of SAP applications with all the power of geospatial technology. BIM […]
17 November, 2015

¿Datos GIS en el celular? UFO Mobile

Sí, UFO Mobile es la respuesta. Utilizando Tabletas o Smartphones podrás llevar contigo toda la información técnica al campo, tomar notas y fotografías y luego cargarlas automáticamente […]
27 October, 2015

Cost reduction at surface facilities?

Think about Facility GeoLocator: a Web application that allows simulations for the location of surface facilities. FacGeo allows siting surface facilities, define surface facilities from configurable templates, calculate the […]
23 October, 2015

Sistema de Información de Medio Ambiente

SIMA es un Sistema Único e Integrado con la información Técnica asociada a la gestión ambiental de un proyecto. Incluye: Sistema de Información Ambiental basado en ArcGIS + MS SharePoint […]
13 October, 2015

Modeling Surface Impedance using UFO?

Yes. UFO’s environmental module can model environmental and operative restrictions of your productive areas. The operating companies will be allowed to pre-calculate restrictions and apply them […]
5 October, 2015

Unconventional Pipelines Optimization?

Yes. UFO Pipelines design module allows a more suitable development plan for oil and gas pipelines and aqueducts. We use a surface impedance model that allows […]
2 October, 2015

GIS as a collaborative environment in mining?

The high complexity of mining projects requires collaborative environments among the technical areas of mining companies. In IMPRONTA we know the different stages of mining projects […]
30 September, 2015

Drone Surveys in Mining

Mining companies require an effective system to monitor their work progress, mining operations, and survey facilities. In IMPRONTA we provide a Drone photogrammetric and mapping system, […]
28 September, 2015

GIS applied to the Environmental Information Management in Mining

The mining industry requires an effective Environmental Information Management necessary to protect the environment. GIS support is used to integrate, analyze and deliver environmental information to […]
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